Monday last week, my wallet was stolen. Almost all my cards were in it, plus some cash. Surprisingly, the things I miss most are least usable for the thief… Here’s my top 7 from most missed till “meh, not such an issue”:

  1. My wallet. Yes, I know it’s over five years old. It’s just an old, denim wallet. And I miss it! For over a week, I have been looking for a similar wallet, or a different one that would equally suit my needs and my tastes. So far – no luck. Dear wallet, you’ve probably been thrown into a trash bin. Know that you are missed.
  2. My garbage disposal card. Yes, where I live, we have a card for that. Yes, this also means I wasn’t able to throw away my trash until it was replaced. And it’s 0ver 20 degrees here. Celsius.
  3. My museum card. I highly doubt the thief will use it (yes, I’m prejudiced like that), but it’ll cost me 60€ to replace it.
  4. My travel card, my gas card and my drivers’ license. The only reason I managed to get to work was because my personal travel card was in a bag pocket, so that the two cards wouldn’t cancel each other out on check-in. I would say over two hours of one-way commuting is enough pain in the ass without this…
  5.  All the other cards, including both of my bank cards, my credit card, several shopping cards, my health insurance card.
  6. My earplugs. They are great for concerts.
  7. A sweet card from my mum.
  8. The actual cash inside my wallet that the thief needed.

Must have messed up my karma big time over the last couple of months..

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