Once in a while I log in my LiveJournal account and check out my feed. Every single time, I discover brilliant posts, written by inspiring people. In the Russian blogosphere, there is a lot that I haven’t been able to find in the Dutch or even international-English-speaking blogospheres. For me, it’s a certain combination of non-commercialism paired with actual depth of thought and quality, which to me is quite rare. In this respect, I’m really, really blessed with my Russian heritage. Many people in Russia are either not well versed in or not comfortable with English and so their creations remain hidden for a large part of the world.
Which, of course, only leaves me guessing how much of the world I’m missing, by confining myself to the limited amount of languages I know.
Which, in turn, leaves me very greatful for that very thing. How are we to choose in this overwhelming ocean of information?

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