When I was a kid, I firmly associated chocolate with Willie Wonka. Later, when I became a teenager, I started associating it with mood swings. And in my early 20’s I would link chocolate to slavery. Luckily, in the past couple of years I discovered Tony’s Chocolonely, delicious and fair chocolate, making chocolate ‘good’ again. The best part – for me – is that there are quite a few flavors that are vegan. Vegan and delicious! So yep, it’s a brand I particularly like. Their plans to make a Chocolate Experience, actually bringing to life all those fantasies people had about Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, sure help! Creating a brand like that, that is both fair and trendy at the same time – impressive! That’s why I’m not surprised to learn that our own Dutch Willie Wonka, Henk Jan Beltman, won the Dutch Marketeer of the year award, provings (as if we needed any proof) that marketing and ethics are not mutually exclusive. Congratulations, mr. Beltman!



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