• Moving to Canada?

    Okay, I just can’t resist sharing this ad!

    Ad Moving to Canada

  • Content Marketing 101

    Okay, so it took me ages, but I finally created the first 101-infographic! Many thanks to the Piktochart tooling which – for me – turned out to be the only useful non-designer tool.


    As a bonus, let me include this Content Marketing Tooling image created by Curata:

    curata content management


  • 11x Marketing 101

    They say as long as you apply enough effort, it’s possible to learn virtually anything. As you might know, on an average day I spend 4,5 hours on the road. Some of it is work, but I’m still left with plenty of time for myself. Now that I’ve seen all the Mad Men seasons Netflix has to offer, I’m looking for meaningful ways to pass time and I thought of one that will help me meet my goal of having a better understanding of the fields I want to focus on career-wise. The good news? It’s something you could profit from as well, so read on!

    For the remaining 11 months of 2016, each month I will pick one marketing-related subject and do research on that subject. What’s going on in that field? What best practices are there? What great websites, books, other resources? Who are the players in the field? What jobs titles are there? That kind of stuff. And: I’m going to share my findings with you!

    I’ve already selected five subjects I want to focus on, but I want to fill the other six spots with suggestions you have! So reply to this post or mail me and tell me what subject you want researched!

    These five are definitely on the list:

    • Customer journey development;
    • Marketing analytics;
    • Community building;
    • Content marketing;
    • Conversion rate optimization;
    • (Digital) Customer Profiling

    Oh, and if you have ideas on the type of information you would like to be included on each subject, let me know, I’ll see if I can embed it!