pasfotoMy name is Marianna Zelichenko, or Morna, I’ve got a bouncing butt and a restless mind. Over the years lots of people told me I have to choose some specialization. Luckily, I’m rather strong-minded (people have told me that, too; we Dutchies call it “eigenwijs”, which literally means “own wisdom”, which has a very positive ring to it in English, but not so much in Dutch) so I’ve never listened. I’m a self-proclaimed rationalist and I love connecting dots in ways they aren’t usually connected. I believe it’s perfectly normal to switch from Social Work to Cultural Anthropology to IT to Marketing and I believe this is the beginning of a journey, not the end.

I write about lots of different things. The tag system on the right of the home page should help you find blogs on specific subjects. I also take pictures of different things. I love the Japanese notion that things have souls as well and I try to capture that. Yes, I’m a bit of a hippie (or more than a bit, depending on whom  you ask).

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